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Wildlife is an enamouring field for most of us. In my professional tenure, I've observed numerous people flocking to get a glimpse of the tiger, to get an opportunity of diving with the fishes, or to get access to a National Park or a Wildlife Sanctuary. And these experiences gets even more endearing when you get to know how the show is getting managed, how and why we regulate access, and also how we maintain grasslands and water bodies to keep the systems up and running. This course will cover one such aspect of wildlife management by providing an overview of the field of Ecology, and also how it is being used in the understanding and management of our wildlife resources. In this course, we'll use the casestudy approach with real-life examples from the field to get a better understanding of the field and its applications.

Officers and staff of Forest departments, Studentsof Forestry, Wildlife conservation and allieddisciplines, Policy makers


Week 1  :  Introduction
Week 2  :  Ecological structure
Week 3  :  Ecological interactions
Week 4  :  Ecological energetics
Week 5  :  Population Ecology
Week 6  :  Community Ecology
Week 7  :  Distribution & abundance
Week 8  :  Management of threatened species
Week 9  :  Human Ecology
Week 10  :  Ecology of change
Week 11  :  Applied Ecology
Week 12  :  Revision