The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World

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In this course, you will learn all of the major principles of microeconomics normally taught in a quarter or semester course to college undergraduates or MBA students.

Perhaps more importantly, you will also learn how to apply these principles to a wide variety of real world situations in both your personal and professional lives. In this way, the Power of Microeconomics will help you prosper in an increasingly competitive environment.

Note that this course is a companion to the Power of Macroeconomics. If you take both courses, you will learn all of the major principles normally taught in a year-long introductory economics college course.



An Introduction to Microeconomics

Supply, Demand and Equilibrium

Demand and Consumer Behavior

Supply and Production Theory

Perfect Competition

Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition

Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior

Land and Rent

The Labor Market and Wage Determination

The Capital Market, Interest, and Profits

Public Goods and Externalities

Final Exam