The Age of Sustainable Development

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The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.


Course Materials
-Information about the general course structure and reading list can be found here.

What is Sustainable Development?
-Professor Sachs provides an overview of the challenges the world faces, and introduces the topic of sustainable development.

Inequality Around the World
-Professor Sachs delves into the reasons for and the measurements of inequality between and within countries.

A Short History of Economic Development
-Professor Sachs provides a history of economic development, starting with the Industrial Revolution and ending with the current state of modern economic growth.

The History of Inequality
-Professor Sachs analyzes the intersecting roles of various factors that contribute to some countries advancing while others do not.

The MDGs and the End of Extreme Poverty
-Professor Sachs outlines the pathways for achieving the end of extreme poverty.

Growth within Planetary Boundaries
-Professor Sachs details the various planetary boundaries and their implications for growth dynamics.

Human Rights and Gender Equality
-Professor Sachs delves into the ethics of wealth, poverty and inequality as well as the forces that widen inequalities.

-Professor Sachs provides an overview of the state of modern education, and what needs to be achieved for sustainable development.

Universal Health Coverage
-Professor Sachs provides an overview of the challenges and pathways to achieving universal health coverage.

Sustainable Food Supply and the End of Hunger
-Professor Sachs provides an overview of food security, farm systems, and ecology and reviews what can be done to achieve a sustainable global food supply.

Sustainable Cities
-Professor Sachs looks into what makes a city sustainable, the patterns of urbanization, and pathways for urban resilience around the world.

Curbing Climate Change
-Professor Sachs provides an introduction to the science behind climate change, and describes the negotiations and policies that are necessary to mitigate and prevent the consequences.

Saving Biodiversity
-Professor Sachs reviews the various threats to the world's ecosystem and biodiversity.

The SDGs
-Professor Sachs recounts the history of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and describes what is necessary to achieve them.