Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa


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In this course, we will go on a journey to Africa and and discuss what are the challenges and outlooks for sustainable development on the continent. The course introduces you to the key approaches, policies and international frameworks that aim to unlock more sustainable patterns of consumption and production (SCP).

We will cover a number of aspects and various thematic areas: from energy efficiency - to climate-smart agriculture, from SCP tools, policies and international agreements - to behavioral change of individuals.

Our path consists of five modules, each divided into several lessons. For more information on the course structure, methodology, learning objectives and completion requirements, please download the course syllabus. If you encounter any technical difficulty or if you have any questions, please consult our help page.



Module 1

Introduction to SCP: Definition, Rationale and Fundamentals

Module 2

Designing and Implementing National SCP Policies and Action Plans

Module 3

Applying Policies for Sustainable Production: Addressing the Supply Side

Module 4

Applying Policies for Sustainable Consumption: Addressing the Demand Side

Module 5

International and Regional Collaboration to Achieve SCP