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The subject STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY deals with the shape (geometry), displacements (kinematics/strain) and forces (dynamics/stress) in Earth and Planetary bodies. In other words, the subject deals with the deformation of rocks – their architecture and development through geological time scales.Deformed rocks and structures conceal a series of tales, decoding of which is the challenge of a structural geologist in presenting the evolution of our planet earth. The knowledge of structural geology is applied in may practical fields e.g., hydrocarbon, mineral and groundwater explorations, construction industries, natural hazard analysis, landscape evolution etc. This course will primarily focus upon the basics and introductory level understanding of the subject.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: UG PRE-REQUISITES: Basic Math/Physics and some knowledge of Geological/Earth Sciences INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Construction Industry / Hydrocarbon Exploration and Mining Industries



WEEK 1: Introduction, Basic ConceptsWEEK 2: Structural Elements, Measurements, Sterographic ProjectionWEEK 3: Concept of Strain WEEK 4: Concept of StressWEEK 5: Rheology of RocksWEEK 6: Deformation Mechanism of RocksWEEK 7: Foliation and LineationWEEK 8: Folds and mechanisms; Superposition of foldsWEEK 9: Boudinage and related structuresWEEK 10: Fractures, Joints and FaultsWEEK 11: Ductile Shear ZoneWEEK 12: Structural Mapping, Summary and Final Discussion