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This course aims to stimulate inspire and provoke awareness of science and technology impact on society and vice versa The course will also discuss the various theoretical underpinnings of science and technology in society The course will also focus on the impact of science and technology on international relations social institutions social groups and on everyday life One of the learning outcome upon completion of the course would be that students will have a better understanding of the complex relationship between science and technology and between science technology and society When you have finished this course you will be able to explain developments in science and technology in terms of their interactions with social cultural environmental and other issues


Week 1: Introduction to Sociology, History of Science, Role of Social Sciences in Technology Institutes
Week 2: Sociology of Science: Social Shaping of Science, Ethos of Science, Matthew Effect in Science
Week 3: Structure & Methodology of Science: Structure of Scientific Revolution, Science as Falsification, Scientist as Indexical Reasoner
Week 4: Science and Technology in India: Science & Technology in Colonial India, Development of Indian Science, Peer Review in Indian Science