Sericulture Technology


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Sericulture Technology is an important village oriented Entrepreneur Development Programme.   The course aims at following objectives:   * To know Technology of Mulberry cultivation and basic inputs of water, irrigation, fertilizers, and pest management. *To study the biology and varieties of mulberry silkworms and the basic techniques of silk production and construction of cocoons * To follow proper technology of rearing silkworm larvae and using disinfection methods so that to get healthy cocoons *The course also aims to teach post cocoon techniques like stifling, reeling, and utilization of byproducts *Above all the sustainability to get a steady and reasonable income to growers and Sericulture farmers and improving rural economy are the ultimate objectives of the course.  


COURSE LAYOUT Week- I   1. Introducing the Basics of Sericulture 2. Mulberry Cultivation 3. Familiarising With the Methods of Propagation     Week - II   4. Understanding the Nutritional requirements 5. Getting to know irrigation     Week - III   6. Pruning of mulberries 7. Harvesting Mulberries 8. Understanding Pest Management     Week - IV   9. Understanding the History of Silkworm 10. Classification of silkworm 11. Morphology and Physiology of Mulberry Silkworm     Week - V   12. Comprehending the structure of Silkglands 13. Rearing House and Silkworm Rearing 14. Disinfecting Rearing house     Week - VI   15. Incubation of Silkworm Eggs and Chawki Worm Rearing 16. Understanding the different stages of rearing     Week - VII   17. Understanding pests and diseases of silkworm 18. Studying the Post Cocoon Technology     Week - VIII   19. Listing the By-Product Utilisation and Rearing of Non mulberry silk worms 20. Exploring sustainability of rural economy using sericulture