Sectio chirurgica - 'Klinische Anatomie Kopf / Hals'


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Course Description

The structure of the course in anatomical regions is based on clinical case reports.
Relevant macroscopic structures of these regions are discussed on the basis of high-quality anatomical illustrations and preparations as well as by clinical studies in healthy volunteers.

What will I learn in this course?

You'll you the understanding of the anatomy of the head and neck have acquired that enables you:

  • To complete further courses such as the anatomical dissection
  • You to orient towards clinical disciplines such as the General Surgery, ENT, maxillofacial, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, or radiology
  • Prepare you for medicine close associate professionals

What knowledge do I need?

Anatomical knowledge is required.


Chapter     Topic Chapter 1        Overview, compartments and blood supply of the neck Chapter 2        Nervous, lymphatic drainage and topography of the neck Chapter 3        Thyroid and pharynx Chapter 4        Larynx, phonation and spatium parapharyngeum Chapter 5        The bony skull Chapter 6        Jaw, mouth and jaw muscles Chapter 7        Tongue and floor of the mouth Chapter 8        The parotid gland and the facial muscles Chapter 9        Nose and paranasal sinuses Chapter 10        Sphenoid and orbital Chapter 11        Temporal bone and ear Chapter 12        Deep facial region