Properties of Materials (Nature and Properties of Materials: III)


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The course is an introduction to mechanical and electrical properties of materials. The course will introduce notation of mechanical properties, elastic properties of various materials, plastic deformation in metals and mechanisms therein and strengthening mechanisms. It will also introduce the students to the basics of electrical properties of metals and semiconductors with an introduction to Drude theory, quantum mechanics and band theory. Overall, this is an introductory course to materials properties.     INTENDED AUDIENCE : B.Tech. Students of Materials Science, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology PREREQUISITES : Nil INDUSTRY SUPPORT : It is a basic course


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 : Introduction and Basic Elasticity Week 2 : Mechanical testing and plastic deformation Week 3 : Plastic deformation mechanisms Week 4 : Strengthening mechanisms Week 5 : Electrical properties of metals Week 6 : Quantum mechanics and band theory Week 7 : Semiconductor properties Week 8 : Thermal properties