Principles and Applications of NMR Spectroscopy


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The objective of the course is to teach the basic aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, which is an important analytical tool in chemical and pharmaceutial industry for structural characterization of molecules. The topics to be covered will include one-dimensional NMR, Chemical shifts, J-coupling, Interpretation of 1D NMR spectrum, Basics of 2D NMR, Different 2D NMR experiments and their application/interpretation, Application of 2D NMR for assignment of molecules and peptides.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Students of M. Sc and Ph. DPREREQUISITES :Should have studied Chemistry at undergraduate level and Mathematics at least up to 12th StandardINDUSTRY SUPPORT :All pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Reddy's laboratories, CIPLA, Sun Pharma) and R &D laboratories like Hindustan Unilever, Biotech companies (Biocon)



Week 1:Introduction to NMR spectroscopy
Week 2:Chemical shifts and J-coupling
Week 3:One-dimensional proton NMR
Week 4:One dimensional NMR of X-nuclei (13C, 15N, 31P and 19F)
Week 5:Homonuclear 2D NMR
Week 6:Heteronucler 2D NMR
Week 7:Structure determination of molecules
Week 8:Advanced topics (Solvent suppression, Drug Discovery, DOSY)