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Not yet known with certainty the limits of the human brain. What it has shown is that their skills can be improved with practice, with stimulation, exercise. That we offer in this course, with easy to understand theory and numerous exercises to speed and get more out of your mind and brain. So we will introduce major studies, you will approach different theories, we will discuss how to maintain a healthy mind at any age, promote active aging, enhance memory and creativity, think more clearly and understand the impact of emotions on our ability of thought.

Knowledge required:

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Module 0. Presentation and guidance.

Module 1. Operation of the fascinating human brain.

Module 2 The aging brain. Banishing myths.

Module 3. Memory, from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Intelligence Module 4. They may increase regardless of age.

Module 5 Learning and creativity. Born geniuses how

Module 6. Making smart decisions

Module 7 Emotions. Be positive makes you smarter

Module 8 Mind and calmly. Relaxation and meditation recharge you batteries.