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This course will focus on:1. Introduction of Plastic pollution as a global problem today.2. What is Plastic Waste? The Magnitude of the problem on global scale and in Indian context. Plastic in Ocean and impact on sea life and economy.3. What is the nature and complexity of this problem and what could be the best way to manage the plastic waste and how to mitigate the risk from plastic waste.4. Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, Recent Plastic Bans and the use of Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) concepts in managing Plastic waste in India.5. Best Practices of Managing Plastic Waste from around the World including use of Plastic waste in road (experience from Indian context and other countries)6. Way forward – how to manage this waste stream applying state of the art technologies
INTENDED AUDIENCE :Civil and Chemical Engineering BTech programs, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science Masters and Doctoral Programs
PREREQUISITES :Basic Environmental Science, Basic Differential Equations, Basic Chemistry
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :AECOM, Ramky, Environmental Resource Management (ERM),SENES/ARCADIS. Waste Management related companies, Govt. Agencies



Week 1: Plastics – What it is? Types, Uses and Global Statistics
Week 2: Plastic Waste – Sources, Production, Global and Indian Context
Week 3:Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 (India) and Global Rules and Regulations
Week 4: Plastic Bans including China Sword Policy implication on global plastic waste management
Week 5: Impact of Plastics on Marine Life, Effect on Wildlife, Human Health and Environment
Week 6: Plastic Waste Management Practices – Use of Plastic waste in roads, issues and challenges
Week 7: Possible Alternate Materials to Plastics –Greener Alternatives
Week 8: Plastics Resource Recovery and Circular Economy.