Neuroscience of Human Movements


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Neuroscience of Human Movement will focus on the neural system responsible for movement generation, movement control and learning of actions. The course will start from the very basics of neuroscience and build theory to understand the movement control system in relatively good detail and depth. The successful student of this course will be able to appreciate in-depth, the brain processes that control movement.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students with an interest in NeurosciencePREREQUISITES : Motivation & open-mindedness is the only pre-requisitelINDUSTRY SUPPORT : This course will prepare individuals with no knowledge of neuroscience to become knowledgeable about neuroscience of movements



Week 1 : Introduction, Membrane Physiology, Nernst Equation, GHK Equation, Action potentialWeek 2 : Neuromuscular Junction, Skeletal MusclesWeek 3 : Skeletal muscles, Motor UnitsWeek 4 : Receptors, Muscle Spindles, Golgi Tendon Organs, Spinal controlWeek 5 : Monosynaptic, Oligosynaptic & Polysynaptic reflexes,Week 6 : Preprogrammed reactions, Spinal control, Overview of motor control system, Primary Motor cortex – Part 1Week 7 : Primary Motor cortex – Part 2, Lesions, Brain Machine interfacesWeek 8 : Primary Motor Cortex – Part 3, Role of Cerebellum in movement controlWeek 9 : Role of Cerebellum in movement controlWeek 10 : Parietal & Pre-motor cortexWeek 11 : Role of Basal Ganglia in movement controlWeek 12 : Role of Basal Ganglia in movement control