Nature and Properties of Materials


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This course introduces to the basics of metals and metallic alloys, polymers, composites and smart materials which have extensively broadened the scope of engineering design in the fields of Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace and other structural applications.   After learning this course, students will be well-versed with the underlying principle governing the material properties and should be able to select proper material for their application.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students of BE/B.Tech stream PRE-REQUISITES : Basic Physics and Mathematics Courses at the First Year Level, added with thirst for learning. INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Every industry recommends to have a basic knowledge about various materials and truth behind their properties


COURSE LAYOUT Module 1: Introduction to Engineering materials & Mechanical properties Module 2: Atomic bonding and crystal structure Module 3: Metals and Ceramics Module 4: Polymers Module 5: Composite Materials Module 6: Smart Materials Module 7: Materials selection in Engineering design Module 8: Non-mechanical properties and Laboratory demonstration