Microeconomics: Theory and Applications


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Microeconomics: Theory and Applications presents all the standard topics of traditional microeconomic theory. It covers the basic concepts of Modeling Microeconomics, Application: Market Equilibrium, Consumer Equilibrium, Demand function , Consumer Behaviour Applications and Case Study: Market Analysis.     INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students of Economics, Commerce, or Management degree programs. PRE-REQUISITES : Knowledge of Calculus (High school level) and Microsoft Excel. INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Any industry that would like to educate their staff on basics of Economics.


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1- Economic modelling Week 2- Theory of consumer behaviour Week 3- Theory of firm behaviour Week 4- Perfect competition Week 5- Imperfect competition Week 6- Externality with special reference to environmental problems Week 7- Linear Programming: Basics and Applications from Microeconomics Week 8- Introduction to Efficiency Analysis Week 9- Linear Regression Analysis Week 10- Application of Regression technique to solve Microeconomic problems Week 11- Application of Producer Theory, Theory of Cost and Valuing Public Good Week 12- Application: Valuing the Environmental Good