Metal Mediated Synthesis-I


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The course covers an advance level of organometallic chemistry. Recent development of cross coupling reactions and their applications in organic synthesis, starting from small molecule to naturally and pharmaceutically important compounds, has been described in the prescribed course. In this course, a brief overview about the carbine chemistry and oxidative cyclization is also portrayed.


Week 1 :

Lecture 1: Assymetric Hydrogenation
Lecture 2: Transition metal carbenes,Fischer and Schrock carbenes
Lecture 3: Olefin metathesis
Lecture 4: Alkyne metathesis
Lecture 5: Cyclopropanation reaction

Week 2 :

Lecture 6: Catalytic cyclopropanation reaction,Introduction to cross coupling reaction
Lecture 7: Kumada Coupling reaction
Lecture 8: Suzuki coupling reaction
Lecture 9: Stille coupling reaction
Lecture 10:Assymetric Suzuki coupling reaction

Week 3 :

Lecture 11: Sonogashira coupling reaction
Lecture 12: Heck coupling reaction
Lecture 13: Assymetric Heck reaction,Introduction to Buchwald-Hartwig coupling reaction
Lecture 14: Buchwald-Hartwig coupling reaction
Lecture 15: Role of Ligands its influence in Buchwald-Hartwig coupling reaction

Week 4 :

Lecture 16: Oxidative cyclization process
Lecture 17: Application of oxidative cyclization in natural product synthesis
Lecture 18: Synthesis of reactive metallacycle intermediate via-Beta-abstraction and their applications
Lecture 19: Kulinkovich Reaction and its mechanism
Lecture 20: Pauson–Khand reaction