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This course will introduce the basics of material and energy balances and their applications in chemical and bioprocess industries by using examples primarily based on chemical and biochemical operations, and other biological systems. The course will be geared towards students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and faculty teaching this course for Biotechnology students. It will also be useful for students pursuing Chemical Engineering.   INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG students and course instructors from other colleges PREREQUISITES :Nil INDUSTRY SUPPORT :NIl


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1: Introduction; Units and dimensions; Basic terminologies
Week 2: Fundamentals of Material Balances; Material Balances for Single Units Without Reactions
Week 3: Material Balances for Multiple Units Without Reactions; Material Balances for Reactive Processes
Week 4: Material Balances for Reactive Processes; Combustion Reactions
Week 5: Material Balances for Systems with Recycle, Bypass, and Purge
Week 6: Energy Balance Terminologies; Introduction to Energy Balances
Week 7: Mechanical Energy Balances; Objectives and Procedures for Energy Balances
Week 8: Energy Balances on Nonreactive Processes without Phase Change
Week 9: Energy Balances on Nonreactive Processes with Phase Change
Week 10: Mixing and Solutions; Fundamentals for Energy Balances on Reactive Processes
Week 11: Energy Balances on Reactive Processes
Week 12: Material and Energy Balances for Unsteady State Processes