Maps and 3D Made Easy with SAPUI5


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This course aims to help application developers and designers build maps and 3D into their applications with minimal effort using standard SAPUI5 controls. In the first two weeks, we deal with the map and 3D topics separately, so that we can focus on building your knowledge starting with the most basic concepts, to help you get results quickly.
From the basics, we go on to explore how you can use data with geographical attributes or existing 3D models in your application. Beyond simple visualization, we’ll show you how to include bi-directional interaction with maps or 3D content in your application and how to use business data to bring 3D content to life. Finally, we combine the two worlds in a natural and inspiring way to create a rich user experience that leverages both technologies.
Throughout the course, we use atomic, open-source examples hosted on a platform that allows unrestricted modification of our code, and we encourage participants to experiment with the examples to fully appreciate the power of the SAPUI5 components.



Week 1: Visualize Geospatial Data
Week 2: Connect Your Data to 3D Content
Week 3: Beyond the Basics
Week 4: Final Exam