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With this new openhpi beginner course we want to give our participants the basics of Java programming language. Java is widely used and is used in many ways. Among other things, are developed with Java programs for Google's Android platform. This MOOC taught the basic concepts of programming simple and understandable. Regular practical exercises learned is applied and consolidated. We speak with this course to all beginners who are interested in programming in Java. The prerequisite is a strong interest in the functioning of programs on the computer, but programming experience is not necessary. Our participants need is a computer with an Internet connection and a browser.


Week 1:
In the first week we declare variables and the basic program structure. Week 2: In week two, we learn about the properties of objects, parameters, conditionals, loops and arrays. Digression modeling: In this excursion we will issue the object- approach oriented programming under a different aspect. What class does what tasks in a project. What are the relations of classes among themselves. Week 3: In the third week we deal with visibilities, overloading and inheritance. Week 4: Last week we go to Object data types, For Each loops, and casts a.