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This course focuses on organic chemistry, the chemistry of carbon. Carbon based compounds; the organic compounds are the building blocks of life on earth. From biological molecules such as nucleic acids to polymers in plastic, they are omnipresent. Synthetically made compounds such as pharmaceutical drugs, paints and oils find wide use in our day-to-day life. This course highlights the fundamentals of organic chemistry. Topics such as structure, physical properties, and chemical reactivity of various organic compounds will be discussed in detail. This course also builds fundamentals of organic chemistry such as resonance, conformational analysis and stereochemistry. Study of various functional groups such as alkanes, alkenes, alkyl halides, alcohols etc. will be conducted in detail. In short, welcome to a course explaining the molecular basis of chemistry around you.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: First year undergraduates of B.Sc. Chemistry; M.Sc. Chemistry students and doctoral studentsPREREQUISITES: Any student who has done basic physical/ general chemistry courses
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Companies in the pharmaceutical sector may recognize and value this course



Week 1: Electronic Structure and BondingWeek 2: Alkanes and conformational analysis
Week 3: Stereochemistry
Week 4: Acids and Bases
Week 5: Alkenes: structure and reactivity(Addition reactions)
Week 6: Alkynes : structure and reactivity (Addition reactions)
Week 7: Alkyl halides: structure and reactivity (Substitution and elimination reactions)
Week 8: Alcohols Ethers and Epoxides ,Aromatic hydrocarbons and aromaticity