Introduction to Research


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Large numbers of students are actively considering and taking up research and associated higher studies. This course aims to introduce students to the important aspects of research. The intent of the course is to make students aware of the details associated with formal research and to help students overcome common misconceptions that may be present in their minds. By going through this course, students are likely to be able to take up research activities in a more systematic and formal manner right from the beginning.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students of ME/MTech/MS/MSc/PhD can benefit.PRE-REQUISITES : Students who have completed undergraduate studies (in Engineering or Science) will be in a better position to benefit from this course



Week 1: A group discussion on what is research; Overview of research;Week 2: Literature survey , Experimental skills;Week 3: Data analysis, Modelling skills;Week 4: Technical writing; Technical Presentations; Creativity in ResearchWeek 5: Creativity in Research; Group discussion on Ethics in ResearchWeek 6: Design of ExperimentsWeek 7: Intellectual PropertyWeek 8: Department specific research discussions