Introduction to Political Ideologies: Contexts Ideas and Practices


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The course aims to provide an understanding of the ways political actions and events are informed by ideas of the state, of political membership, and of human nature and human action. It also aims to assist students to make informed judgments about political events and developments in the light of the ideologies covered, and to evaluate the ideologies themselves in relation to political or other appropriate events. Throughout the course, the theory is supported by examples, many of which are drawn from current or recent events of many kinds, such as major policies, court rulings, or social developments.     INTENDED AUDIENCE : Any Interested learners PRE-REQUISITE : Nil SUPPORT INDUSTRY : Nil


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 : Fascism
Week 2 : Conservatism
Week 3 : Liberalism
Week 4 :Marx
Week 5 : Anarchism
Week 6 : Feminism
Week 7 : Ecologism
Week 8 : Poststructuralism and Postmodernism
Week 9 : Theocracy and Fundamentalism
Week 10:Technocracy and Managerialism
Week 11:Nationalism
Week 12:Republicanism and Citizenship