Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory


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This course introduces students to handling electromagnetic theory using vector calculus. This enables students to handle problems that are more complicated than they are used to from their school days. Due to general nature of the mathematics they learn in this course, what they learn here will help them in their future courses like fluid dynamics that use similar mathematics.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : 1st & 2nd year B. Tech. in Civil, Mechanical, Aeorospace and B.Sc. Students.




Week 1: Coulomb’s law Divergence of electric field Gauss’ law Curl of electric field Stokes’ theorem Electrostatic potentialWeek 2: Laplace’s equation for electrostatic potential Laplace’s equation in other fields Uniqueness of solution of Laplace’s equation Poisson equation anduniqueness of its solution Method of images for planar surfaces Work and energy in electrostatics
Week 3: Conductors and capacitors Reciprocity theorem Polarization and bound charges Linear dielectrics Electric displacement Fields in dielectrics
Week 4: Magnetic field due to a magnet Magnetic field due to a steady current Divergence and curl of magnetic field Ampere’s law The vector potentialMagnetization and bound currents
Week 5: Magnetic fields in matter Magnetic field in matter Faraday’s law Induced electric field Energy in magnetic field Displacement current
Week 6: Maxwell’s equations Work done by electromagnetic field Poynting’s theorem Momentum in electromagnetic field Angular momentum inelectromagnetic field Electromagnetic waves: the wave equation
Week 7: Wave equation Plane electromagnetic waves Energy carried by electromagnetic waves Pressure due to electromagnetic waves Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves
Week 8: Review and Problem Solving