Hybrid Cloud Service Mesh with Anthos


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This on-demand course equips students to understand and adopt Istio-based service-mesh with Anthos for centralized observability, traffic management, and service-level security.


Welcome to Architecting Hybrid Infrastructure with Anthos: Using Service Mesh
-Welcome to the course.

Observing Services using Service Mesh Adapters
-In this module, you'll learn about the flexible adapter model of an Istio-based service mesh. You'll learn about telemetry processing in a service mesh. You'll learn how to configure Stackdriver for logging and monitoring, You'll learn about the default telemetry for cloud and on-premises environments. In your service mesh, you'll configure and view custom metrics; view cluster and service metrics with pre-configured dashboards; and visualize and discover service attributes.

Managing Traffic Routing with Service Mesh
-In this module you'll learn about the abstract model that the service mesh affords for traffic management. You'll learn about service discovery and load balancing in a service mesh, and you'll compare traffic management use cases and configurations. You'll configure an ingress. You'll visualize traffic routing with live generated requests. You'll configure a service mesh gateway to allow access to services from outside the mesh. You'll apply virtual services and destination rules for version-specific routing. You'll route traffic based on application-layer configuration. Finally, you'll shift traffic from one service version to another, with fine-grained control, as in a canary deployment.

Securing your Services with Service Mesh
-In this module, you'll learn about service-to-service communication in a service mesh. You'll adopt mutual TLS authentication across the service mesh incrementally. You'll enable end-user authentication for the frontend service. Finally, you'll use service mesh access control policies to secure access to the frontend service.

Course Summary
-Course Summary