Global Markets and Personal Impacts


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This globalization course  focuses on the ways market-led macro-economic reforms associated with globalization (such as free trade agreements and privatization initiatives) have come together with much more micro innovations in how personal behavior is organized by market forces (rethinking education as a personal investment practice, for example, or outsourcing dating to for-profit companies). 
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the main debates and controversies surrounding globalization 
  • Analyze the ties and tensions of uneven global development
  • Understand the growing impact of global market integration
  • Synthesize knowledge of market globalization with your own experiences of market forces and market reforms
  • Evaluate the way in which market forces define and delimit personal choices and everyday life globally
  • Develop capacity to respond and reflect personally amidst the ties and tensions of market-led globalization.

This course is adapted from a similar class offered by the Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences, a fully online degree completion program from the University of Washington.