Friction and Wear of materials: principle and case studies


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While the tribology is generally considered as related to mechanical engineering and design, the ever-increasing demand for the development of advanced materials for tribological applications necessitates a methodical understanding of tribology in materials science perspective. The proposed course is designed to provide knowledge on basic concepts of tribology as well as to understand the state of the art findings in friction and wear for a range of advanced material systems. The microstructure-properties-performance relationship is highlighted in understanding the behavior of the material in given wear conditions. Assignments on qualitative as well as quantitative understanding of tribology concepts will be provided.       INTENDED AUDIENCE:Interested studnets PREREQUISITES : None INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Industries dealing tribology: DUCOM, Bangalore


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1: Introduction; surfaces; friction; contact temperature; lubrication
Week 2: Wear, wear mechanisms
Week 3: Friction and wear of advanced metallic materials; basic fabrication concepts and overview of bioceramics and biocomposites
Week 4: Processing concepts of ceramics, mechanical behavior of brittle materials; wear behavior of ceramic composites
Week 5: Friction and wear of engineering polymers; Tribology of bioceramic composites, zirconia and dental restorative materials.
Week 6: Wear of nanoceramic composites; erosive wear of ceramic composites
Week 7: Cryogenic wear; Wear of high temperature ceramics
Week 8: Friction and wear of coatings, computational analysis in assessing wear, Closure