Foundation Course in Managerial Economics


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This course is developed to teach modern microeconomic theory to understand the behavior of household, firms and their interaction under different market structure. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of economic theory that can be used in managerial decision making problems within various organizational settings such as a firm or a government agency. Objective is to develop a good understanding of economic concepts and tools that have direct managerial applications.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Any Interested LearnersPREREQUISITES :Basic Algebra and CalculusINDUSTRY SUPPORT :Public Policy organizations, Banks, Managerial levels in all Industries.



Week 1: Introduction, Demand and Supply.Week 2: Elasticity of demand and supply.Week 3: Government intervention and efficiency.Week 4: Producer theory and cost curves.Week 5: Market structures and perfect competition.Week 6: Monopoly and histology images.Week 7: Monopolistic competitionWeek 8: Oligopoly