Experimental Physics - II


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Experimental Physics is a fundamental subject to learn by all under graduate students of science and engineering. There is no books available on this subject, which will cover all the experiments discussed in this course. So the video course on Experimental Physics in teaching form will be easily understandable to students and NPTEL is the suitable platform to spread over the distant students not only the knowledge but also the evaluation of the knowledge providing the certificate. Of course, the online video course on Experimental Physics will definitely compensate the crisis of specialized teacher of this subject in many colleges in our country.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : B. Sc in Physics / all science,All Engineering Students/Faculty.PREREQUISITES : Nil
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Experimental physics has the most striking impact on the industry where ever the instrument s are used . The industries of electronics, telecommunication and instrumentation will specially recognize this course.



Week 1: Summary of previous course on Experimental Physics-IWeek 2: Basic apparatus : Spectrometer, light source, prism, lens, mirror, grating etcWeek 3: Experiment on reflection, refraction and dispersionWeek 4: Experiments on InterferenceWeek 5: Experiments on InterferenceWeek 6: Experiments on InterferenceWeek 7: Experiments on diffractionWeek 8: Experiments on diffractionWeek 9: Experiments on diffractionWeek 10:Experiments on polarizationWeek 11:Experiments on quantum physicsWeek 12:Experiments on atomic physics