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For undergraduate students in the discipline of biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry and other related biological sciences, the biochemistry laboratory course has become an integral part. It is necessary for students to acquire skills in working with biomolecules in the laboratory. This course is designed to train students with the basic biochemistry laboratory techniques and also introduce some higher level concepts that will prepare them for future research and development projects. The course outline is given for each week. We will introduce each topic and give an overview of the topic and underlying theory. This will be followed by actual demonstration of the experiment. Weekly assignments will be provided and graded.


Week 1  :  Basics of Experimental Biochemistry
Week 2  :  Amino Acid Titration and pI determination
Week 3  :  Spectroscopic techniques
Week 4  :  Protein folding and denaturation studies
Week 5  :  Chromatographic techniques
Week 6  :  Gel electrophoresis of DNA and proteins
Week 7  :  Isolation and characterization of proteins
Week 8  :  Enzyme Kinetics
Week 9  :  Isolation and characterization of DNA
Week 10  :  Basics of rDNA technology
Week 11  :  Protein ligand interactions
Week 12  :  Immunoassay techniques