Enhance Your Desktop App with Cloud Services


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In this course, you will enhance an existing WPF “Enterprise Chat” style application by extending the functionality to take advantage of a number of Azure Cloud Services. The extended application will implement cloud services like Azure Active Directory for authentication and authorization and Azure SQL Database as a relational data store. The app will be further augmented with Azure Blob storage for efficient image storage, Azure Cognitive services for automating text and image moderation. Finally, Azure Cloud Compute capabilities are used to create a function that monitors Blob image uploads and automatically generates image thumbnails.

The target audience is any developer who wishes to learn how some of the more advanced capabilities of Azure Cloud Services can enhance their applications.


Module 1
  • Lab 1: Configure an Azure Active Directory Implementation.
  • Lab 2: Implement AAD Authorization in Your Application.
Module 2
  • Lab 1: Migrate Your App Data to Azure SQL
  • Lab 2: Store Your Image Data in Azure Blob Storage
 Module 3
  • Lab 1: Apply AI Sentiment Analysis to Message Content
  • Lab 2: Implement Image Analysis using AI Computer Vision
  • Lab 3: Add an Intelligent FAQ
 Module 4
  • Lab 1: Implementing Azure Functions
  • Lab 2: Implementing Docker Components