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In this course students will learn and apply properties of electric and magnetic fields in the presence of static charge and current distributions. They will also understand, analyze, and apply Maxwell’s equations that govern the dynamics of electric and magnetic fields.     INTENDED AUDIENCE : BSc first year PREREQUISITES : Calculus INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Nil


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 : Vector algebra, Introduction to vector calculus: gradient, divergence, and curl Week 2 : Cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems, line, surface, and volume elements Week 3 : Divergence theorem, Stokes theorem, and Dirac Delta function Week 4 : Electrostatics: Coulomb’s law, Gauss’s law: differential and integral forms, application Week 5 : Electric potential, Poisson and Laplace equation (no solution), Method of images, Energy of a charge distribution Week 6 : Field and potential due to dipole, Polarization in a dielectric, Linear dielectrics, Force on dielectrics Week 7 : Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields, Electric currents: line, surface, and volume
currents and current densities, Electrical conductivity and Ohm’s law, Equation of continuity, Energy dissipation Week 8 : Magnetostatics: Biot-Savart law, Divergence and curl of B, Differential and integral form of Ampere’s law Week 9 : Vector potential, Magnetic dipoles, Magnetization in materials, Dia, para, and ferromagnetism Week 10 : Electrodynamics, electromagnetic induction, motional emf and Faraday’s law Week 11 : Inductance and energy in a magnetic field, the displacement currents, Maxwell’s equations Week 12 : Electrodynamics within the framework of Maxwell’s equations and outlook