Database Systems Concepts & Design

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This course presents an example of applying a database application development methodology to a major real-world project.

Why Take This Course?

At the end of this course the learner will:

• Understand and apply the concepts of data independence, database and database management system architecture, and the role and placement of a database management system the application stack

• Understand and apply the theoretical foundation of relational databases and query languages to create SQL data structure definitions and queries that meet identified requirements

• Create a relational database application, including the requirement analysis, specification, design and implementation of relational database applications

• Evaluate alternative internal schema structures and create indices for efficient database operation

• Understand the concepts of database access control and SQL injection


Database Concepts

  • Techniques and tools needed to develop database applications.
  • Database application development methodologies.

Database Models

  • Extended Entity Relationship Models.
  • Relational Models.
  • Relational Algebra, Calculus, and SQL.

Database Management

  • Database normalization.
  • Database efficiency.
  • Database indexing.
  • Metadata management and archiving.