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Discover the world through citizen science, earth observation and open soil data

Did you know satellites are constantly monitoring soil moisture, even in your garden? Monitoring the moisture in soil can help predict floods, fires and droughts.

On this course, you will learn about the ESA’s Sentinel-1 Missions, and how citizen scientists collaborating with GROW are helping validate satellite data locally with sensors.

You’ll discover sensing, and become part of the GROW Citizen Observatory. You will collaborate with other growers and scientists to learn about soil sensors and make sense of soil data to improve your growing practice.

This course has been created for anyone interested in any of the following subjects: soil, climate, technology, satellites, food growing and the environment. You don’t need any special experience, however, it might be of particular interest to: small farmers, community and urban growers, gardeners, land managers and allotment growers as people interested in climate monitoring, sensing, social innovation and space science, technology enthusiasts and teachers in science and environment-related subjects. This course brings together people who love soil with people who love data.

You won’t need any specific equipment to participate in this course. This course will help you to learn more about soil sensors, so you may wish to try one out if you have one, but this is not required.