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This course aims to provide an overview of the basic process, by which solar energy is collected and converted to biomass, which is essentially, what we call ‘bioenergy’. During the discourse, emphasis will be given on different strategies to convert biomass to biofuels, the review of the available technologies and how these could meet the growing demand for energy in the future.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Bioengineers, Chemical engineers, Energy studies, Agriculturist, Policy makers

PREREQUISITES: Has cleared 10+2 with science

INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Green energy industries, Agro-waste processing industries, Renewable energy materials industry, Bio-fuel and fossil fuel companies.



Week 1 : Introduction to bioenergy
Week 2 : Basics of biomass technology & biomass resources
Week 3 : Biofuels I
Week 4 : Biofuels II
Week 5: Biofuels III
Week 6: Bio-power I
Week 7: Bio-power II
Week 8 : Bioenergy distribution & end use for a sustainable future