Basics in Inorganic Chemistry


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This course will mainly deal with basics of inorganic chemistry. This includes periodic properties of the elements, source and extraction ofmetals. The study of transition metals comprises major portion of inorganic chemistry. Therefore, we will discuss some common properties like crystal filed stabilization energy, magnetic properties, spectroscopic properties and uses of these properties in various fields including in biological systems.   INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate students belonging to Science and Engineering PREREQUISITES : Basic Chemistry courses, basic mathematics from school 10+2 standard INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Not approached yet, in the process.


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1: Basics in Inorganic Chemistry Week 2: Purification of elements; Coordination chemistry; 18 electron rule; Valence bond theory; Crystal field theory Week 3: Term symbols; Spectroscopy of complexes; Jahn-Teller distortion; Spinels; Magnetism Week 4: Bio-inorganic chemistry, Enzymes; Hemoglobin and Myoglobin; Toxicity; Medicinal inorganic compounds