Atomic and Molecular Physics


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Atom and molecule are the fundamental unit for all matters in universe. Matter, whatever the states, is made of atoms. The properties of all matters are governed by the electronic structure of atom and molecule. They have individual properties like electronic, magnetic and optical properties, which are quite different from the collective properties of matter made of atoms and molecules. This course will enlighten the knowledge of atoms and molecules and build up the pre-requisite knowledge for all science and engineering field.


Week 1: Experimental observations and theoretical prediction of constituents of an atom

Week 2: Bohr-Sommerfeld model of atomic structure

Week 3: Quantum number and vector model

Week 4: Quantum mechanics and hydrogen atom

Week 5: Effect of electric and magnetic field on atomic spectra

Week 6: Selection rules

Week 7: Alkali atoms and spectra

Week 8: Many electron system

Week 9: Rotational spectra of molecules

Week 10: Vibrational spectra of molecules

Week 11:Electronic spectra of molecules

Week 12: Molecular structure and spectroscopy