An Introduction to Materials: Nature and Properties (Part 1: Structure of Materials)


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The course is first part of the broader course on Introduction to Nature of materials and would be suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of every branch of science and engineering. The first part of this course will focus on essentials of crystallography, crystal structures of different classes of materials, structure determination and defects in materials.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: UG and PG students of science and engineering of non-materials related background.

PREREQUISITES :12th standard science background

INDUSTRY SUPPORT:Materials related companies



Week 1 : Introduction and Basic crystallography
Week 2 : Symmetry
Week 3 : Crystal Systems, Bravais Lattices and Miller Indices, Interstices
Week 4 : Structure of Metals and Alloys
Week 5: Structure of Ceramics
Week 6: Structure of Polymers
Week 7: Structure Determination: X-ray diffraction
Week 8: Defects in Materials