An Introduction to Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics


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This course aims to provide an overview of the important problems in human circulatory system. The course would provide introduction to cardiovascular systems and important fluid flow problems in large arteries. The goal is to provide students with the necessary background to apply the knowledge of fluid mechanics to analyse the flow behavior in biological systems in general and human circulatory system in particular. It is hoped that with this course, the students would be able to develop a perspective towards the design and development of diagnostics and medical device development.INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG and PG students of Chemical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering/BiotechnologyPREREQUISITES : NILINDUSTRY SUPPORT : GE Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson and other biomedical companies



Week 1: Introduction to Cardiovascular System, Fluid Mechanics, Solid MechanicsWeek 2: Basics of Rheology, Morphology and Rheology of Blood, Viscometers and Reheometers, ViscoelasticityWeek 3: Blood flow in a channel, Flow BifurcationWeek 4: Pulsatile Flow, Flow in Elastic Tubes