Advanced Condensed Matter Physics


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The Course deals with the prerequisite material for studying advanced level research in Condensed Matter Physics. The course begins with a preliminary discussion on second quantization, followed by zero temperature and Matsubara Greens functions. Applications to Hubbard model, Kane Mele model and superconductivity are discussed.


Week 1: Second quantisation
Week 2: Applications of second quantisation to free particle systems
Week 3: Applications: Quantum Theory of magnetism, Hubbard model
Week 4: Greens functions at zero temperature
Week 5: Wick’s theorem, Feynman diagrams
Week 6: Finite temperature Greens functions – Matsubara formalism
Week 7: Applications of Greens functions to superconductivity
Week 8: Meissner effect, non-local electrodynamics, BCS theory