Video Production for Journalists in the Digital Age


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This course introduces you to the creation and production of video content for the digital age. At the end of the course, you will be able to produce professional quality videos for television or the internet -- and to release the videos to viewers around the world.




Introduction Module: A Ticket and Tool

Introduction to video production and the essentials to getting started.

Module 1: Pre-Production

In this week you will learn to:

  • Conceptualize the final project
  • Articulate the Controlling Idea
  • Prepare the written proposal
  • Define the visual language
  • Apply ABCs of the visual language
  • Generate story ideas
  • Write proposals
  • Sharpen the Controlling Idea
  • Create the title

Module 2: Production

In this week you will learn to:

  • Execute the Controlling Idea
  • Acquire the raw materials to build the final project, i.e., images and sound
  • Select and use the equipment appropriate for each project or assignment
  • Select characters – the vehicles that will deliver your message
  • Use your smartphone as the primary media acquisition tool
  • Identify the progression from clips to story
  • Practice the Six-Shot System

Module 3: Production, continued

In this week you will learn to:

  • Use your camera like a brush to “paint” images
  • Shoot video appropriate to subject matter
  • Apply the concept of participatory observation with formal and informal interviews
  • Identify quality sound – the heartbeat of our craft
  • Identify how to see what’s behind the screen
  • Understand how to build dramatic arcs

Module 4: Post-Production

In this week you will learn to:

  • Write the script -- to pictures
  • Identify the importance of narration – Your voice is a tool
  • Write a treatment

Module 5: Post-Post-Production

In this week you will learn to:

  • Identify the tools for marketing your video
  • Assemble a sizzle reel
  • Build a pitch deck
  • Prepare a promo card
  • Understand the importance of a story bible when producing a series