Understanding Design


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We are surrounded by designed objects, from highways that traverse thousands of kilometers to a pen drive that fits a lot in the smallest of spaces. Designers have used their skills to translate ideas and needs into all the objects that we see around us. Design can be interpreted in multiple ways and can mean different things in different contexts. This course aims to create an awareness and understanding of the discipline of design and its multidisciplinary nature. The relevance and value of design and how it impacts society, industry and the environment is established through lectures, case studies and project activities.   This course is for those who are curious to understand what design is and why is it important.   INTENDED AUDIENCE : This course is for students who would like an introduction to the field of design and its relationship with other disciplines. It is also for those who would like to collaborate with designers for their future work. It is open to all. Mainly for Engineer, Design and Management students. PRE-REQUISITES : NIL INDUSTRY SUPPORT : NIL


  • Module 1- An Introduction to Design,
  • Module 2- Users and Context
Week 2 :
  • Module 3-Design and Society,
  • Module 4 - Design and Sustainability
Week 3 :
  • Module 5 - Design and Industry,
  • Module 6 - Design and collaboration
Week 4 :
  • Module 7 - Innovation by Design