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This is an introductory course on Theory of Computation intended for undergraduate students in computer science. In this course we will introduce various models of computation and study their power and limitations. We will also explore the properties of the corresponding language classes defined by these models and the relations between them. We will assume the student is comfortable in analytical reasoning and has preferably done a course on Data Structures and Algorithms.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Computer Science undergraduate students.

PRE-REQUISITES:It is recommended that the candidate has done a course in Data Structures and Algorithms.

INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Content will be updated soon



Week 1: Finite Automata – deterministic and nondeterministic, regular operationsWeek 2: Regular Expression, Equivalence of DFA, NFA and REs, closure propertiesWeek 3: Non regular languages and pumping lemma, DFA Minimization,Week 4: CFGs, Chomsky Normal FormWeek 5: Non CFLs and pumping lemma for CFLs, PDAs, Equivalence of PDA and CFGWeek 6: Properties of CFLs, DCFLs, Turing Machines and its variantsWeek 7: Configuration graph, closure properties of decidable languages, decidability properties of regular languages and CFLsWeek 8: Undecidability, reductions, Rice's Theorem, introduction to complexity theory