Software Design for Non-Designers


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The Software for Non-Designers interactive course aims to explain common aspects of design as way to improve user experience in software engineering, and will provide an introduction to a few basic steps you can apply to your next project. It is taught by Scott Klemmer from UC San Diego, and a team of design-driven development experts from SAP.



Week 1 - What is design and why design matters:

Design thinking, design practice, and the language of design
Week 2 - Design Process:

The software interface design process, roles and concepts
Week 3 - Needs finding:

Understanding the needs of the people you are designing for.
Week 4 - Conceptual Design:

Matching product design to the work of the user
Peer Assessment

Week 5 - High Fidelity Design:

Simple, yet impactful considerations when design software applications.
Week 6 - Design at work:

A peek behind the scenes of how software design works at SAP.