Quantum Information and Computing

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The course is Primarily for Students of Physics and Engineering having exposure to basic quantum mechanics and knowledge of Linear Algebra.


Why Quantum Computing?
Postulates of Quantum Mechanics – I
Postulates of Quantum Mechanics – II
Qubits and Bloch Sphere
Basic Quantum Gates
Quantum Circuits
Quantum No Cloning Theorem and Teleportation
Dense coding
Density Matrix-I
Density Matrix – II
Projective measurement
EPR and Bell’s Inequalities-I
Bell’s Inequalities – II
Deutsch Algorithm
Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
Simon Problem
Grover’s Search Algorithm – I
Grover’s Search Algorithm –II
Grover’s Search Algorithm –III
Grover’s Search Algorithm –IV
Quantum Fourier Transform –I
Quantum Fourier Transform –II
Period Finding
Method of Continued Fraction
Shor’s Factorization Algorithm
Shor’s Factorization Algorithm
Quantum Error Correction Codes
Quantum error Correction Codes
Classical Information Theory
Shannon Entropy -I
Shannon entropy-II
Von Neumann Entropy-I
Von Neumann Entropy –II
Classical Cryptography
RSA Algorithm
Quantum Cryptography – BB 84 protocol
B-92 and Eckart protocol
Practical realization of a quantum computer-I
Practical Realization of Quantum Computer -II