Mobile Journalism: How to use your phone to produce great videos and build a social audience


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In this course, you’ll learn how to discover amazing stories online, capture and edit videos with your phone and build engagement strategies so your content travels online. We’re entering a world of robo-journalism, where any task that can be automated by robots is being automated. In order to survive and remain relevant, you need to be RoboCop journalists, equipped with a bunch of storytelling tools. Students in this course will come away with a good grounding to tackle the challenges of a global, social and mobile world in 2019.



Module 1: Social Discovery

How to find amazing stories online and from around the world, using the latest techniques and tools to discover and verify user-generated content.

In this week:

  • Develop original angles and story ideas.
  • Learn about constructive journalism and solutions-based storytelling.
  • Experience using new techniques and tools to find and aggregate videos online.
  • Understand online copyright policies.
  • Apply fact checking principles to verify user-generated content.


Module 2: Social Videography

This is all about social publishing and how to capture the best possible content with your phone. A few small tips can make a really big difference in producing professional quality videos with the device you already own.

In this week you will learn to:

  • Learn mobile videography techniques, from stability and framing to sound and sequencing.
  • Build Instagram/Snapchat Stories strategies and explore global best practices.


Module 3: Social Editing

Now that you’ve shot a video, it’s time to edit your masterpiece and get it ready for various social media platforms. We’ll go from the storyboarding and scripting process, all the way to exporting.

In this week you will learn to:

  • Create video storyboards, shot-lists and scripts for social videos.
  • Practice mobile video editing for various online video formats like explainers.


Module 4: Social Engagement

You’ve done all the hard work, made an amazing mobile video. Now it’s time to share, share, share. The audience isn’t just going to come to you, we need the story to find them! This module shares the secrets of optimizing your content for social platforms and ensuring your stories bubble to the top of people’s social media timelines.

In this week you will learn to:

  • Identify how social videos differ on each platform.
  • Create derivative content strategies so your content can be easily repurposed.
  • Understand how to help your content beat the algorithms.
  • Build engagement and sharing strategies to increase the reach of your content.
  • Collect the right metrics for success and measure the impact of your work.
  • Make thumbnails, headlines and hashtags.
  • Mobile journalism workflows and quality control.