Making and Understanding Web Comics


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Develop your visual design skills and create an original web comic in any style

Web comics have the power to digitally reach audiences all over the world. On this course, you will learn how to communicate meaning to others and create a web comic of your own, in your choice of genre like humour or superhero.

You will build your knowledge of the theory of comics and the basics of digital comic creation. You will receive guidance on how to use software to create comics online and engage with videos, case studies, and content from renowned comic creators. Learn with the University of Dundee, who has a rich history and reputation as a centre for comic production.

This course is for anyone interested in the history and creation of web comics, including visual artists and comic readers. It’s also relevant to researchers working in literature or the arts and people looking to build their digital software skills.

To produce a digital version of your comic work we recommend that you use the Madefire Motion Book Tool

Other free software alternatives include:

Photoshop free alternative GIMP

Illustrator free alternative INSCAPE

InDesign free alternative CANVA or SCRIBUS