Introduction to Digital Journalism


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Digital technology is revolutionizing news delivery and the information demands of today’s audience are redefining the meaning of the word “news.” Get an overview of how to report the news and create digital content for an online publication. Explore the options journalists have to deliver news in a world where people control their news choices and can make their own media.

Together we will explore:

  • What continuous change means to the way media professionals think about story-telling.
  • What change means to the nature of the relationship between news provider and news acquirer.
  • How this change impacts; the role of the journalist, ethics and practice, whether the journalist works for a traditional media organization, is a freelancer, community blogger, or would-be news entrepreneur.

Delve into these questions, implicit and explicit, and identify fundamental and ongoing shifts. Gain an understanding of how to use social media, digital media, and original text to report content in a digital format.