Introduction to Database Systems


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Databases are the backbone of almost all the digital services and e-governance solutions. Modern businesses and financial systems heavily depend on databases systems and transaction processing for their successful operation. This course introduces the students to the various theoretical and practical principles involved in the design and use of databases systems with the help of database management systems (DBMS) and the SQL Standard

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Any Interested Learners PREREQUISITES : Studying B Tech (computer science) 3rd year, Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures INDUSTRY SUPPORT : NILL


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1 : Introduction and part of E/R Model Module
Week 2 : ER Model Module
Week 3 : Relational Model Module
Week 4 : Relational Model Module
Week 5 : TRC Module and part of SQL Module
Week 6 : SQL Module
Week 7 : Indexes Module
Week 8 : Indexes Module + Query Processing Module
Week 9 : Normal Forms Module
Week 10 : Normal Forms Module
Week 11 : Transaction Processing Module
Week 12 : Transaction Processing Module