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Nearly every aspect of business is affected by data analytics. There are many powerful tools that can quickly process large amounts of data. For businesses to capitalize on data analytics, they need leaders who understand the data analytic process. Even more valuable are leaders who know how to analyze big data. This course addresses the human skills gap by providing a foundational set of data analytic skills that can be applied to many business settings.


Course Overview and Module 1 Introduction to Business Analytics and R
-In this module you will be introduced to the role of data analytics in business domains.

Module 2 Assembling Data
-In this module you'll identify how framing a question and the intended analysis influence the way in which data is assembled.

Module 3 Data Quality and Data Transformation
-This module starts with a discussion on the importance of Data Quality in business analytics. Later, we learn Data Transformation using Tidyverse, a group of useful R packages.

Module 4 Exploratory Data Visualization using R
-In this module, we will learn a powerful visualization package in ggplot2 to create useful visualizations for exploratory data analysis (EDA).