Iniciación a la Creación Musical en Ableton Live 10

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Arjaus (Ableton Certified Training Center) invites you to participate in this introductory course in music production. Ableton Live is the leading tool for creating music using computers, its distinctive feature is its flexibility to play live, it has a workflow that makes it an instrument.

This course is the first approach to musical production, we will learn the basics of this powerful tool in a dynamic and practical way. Our idea is to live the experience of creating music and enjoy while learning. They will discover the tools to complete a composition by making a basic blend.

The pace is individual, depends on each one. From the start date all modules will be available; Which contain: videos, supporting text, questionnaires and works. All classes have previously recorded videos. There is no schedule to meet because the videos are available all the time until the end date of the course.

Start doing what you like, wherever you want!



  • Know the graphical interface of Ableton Live and its main functions.
  • Import and manipulate audio files.
  • Use the editing tools.
  • Manage and program MIDI instruments.
  • Arrange arrangements of a composition in the timeline.
  • Introduce yourself in the world of mixing and post production.
  • Enjoy and have fun making music.


Audience Target: This course is for those who are attracted to music, we will learn an essential tool for musicians, producers and DJs. It is an initial course that does not require prior knowledge, is perfect for those who want to live the experience and for those who have isolated knowledge and need to know the technique of the production process.